Evergreen Capital Advisors, founded in 1993 by Daniel Patrick O'Connell, is based in Princeton, New Jersey with offices in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Evergreen has remained small by design so that its professionals could focus their attention on a limited number of clients. Evergreen operates on the premise that financial advisory clients are consistently and best served by experienced and independent individuals and not by large firms.

Evergreen Capital Advisors is an independent financial advisor; the firm does not underwrite, sell or trade securities. Although not an underwriting participant, Evergreen's principals are involved with the market on an ongoing basis, assisting clients with bond issues as well as rating agency negotiations. Evergreen seeks to be creative for its clients by examining new ideas; proactive by seeking and guarding the client's best interest without the client asking for such attention; and thorough by examining all financing options to assure that the client has the benefit of all requisite information.

Evergreen offers a broad range of financial advisory services including general obligation bonds, golf course revenue bonds, refinancing and escrow restructurings, construction and state agency financings, tax increment financings, master lease agreements, and swaps advisory work. Learn more about Evergreen Capital Advisors.

Evergreen also focuses on providing financial advisory services to state and local governments for farmland and open space preservation programs through its affiliate Evergreen Conservation Finance. Evergreen's professionals understand the issues that drive these programs and have a national reputation for knowledge and innovation in dealing with these issues. Learn more about Evergreen Conservation Finance.

Evergreen founder Daniel Patrick O'Connell has 28 years' experience working with municipal securities. His experience includes 14 years as a financial advisor, 11 years in public finance for a regional investment bank and three years in securities sales for a Wall Street firm. Over these years, Mr. O'Connell has sold, underwritten or served as advisor for more than $9 billion in tax-exempt financing. Evergreen Managing Director Honora Freeman has 22 years' experience in government, including 12 years with Baltimore County and 10 years with Baltimore City, ultimately serving as Deputy Chief of Staff for Mayor Schmoke. Jacqueline Lopez-Ona, a Managing Director, has over 15 years' experience in financial and economic analysis. Learn more about Evergreen's professionals.